Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a set of technologies of prototype implementation with the help of 3D printing.

We deal with it in our department of additive production in Mladá Boleslav. We devote our time there mainly to prototype and small series production which meets the requirements of prototype workshops and design studios to which we offer through our work a base for judging design and engineering.

Based on our customer’s wish, the components also go through finishing operations (varnishing, sanding, metallizing, polishing etc.) or they are used as master models for vacuum casting.

Our specialization is

Data preparation

  • checking and correction of data before 3D printing
  • choosing of the best technology for 3D printing (according to instructions and suitability of materials)

3D printing

  • technology (Selective Laser Sintering) - PA2200 a PA3200GF (PA + glass)

Surface treatment

  • sanding and polishing
  • varnishing
  • various texture application
  • metallizing (chroming, gold plating etc.)

Vacuum casting

  • manufacturing of small series of parts with the vacuum casting technology into silicone molds
  • transparent parts manufacturing
  • master models manufacturing

We are equipped with top-class machinery!

EOS P396

EOS P396

  • work chamber: 340 mm x 340 mm x 600 mm
  • building speed: up to 48 mm/h
  • layer thickness: 0.12 mm - 0.15 mm

Selected works

Complete tail light

Assembly of elaborate systems of parts. Technology combination, SLS, casting, varnishing, metallization. Precise finishing.

Focus on detail

Metallization of parts according to customer’s instructions. Variation of different surface types.

Headlight optics

Difficult finished parts during optical parts‘ manufacturing.

Intake tubing

Manufactured with SLS technology. The model underwent trial test right in motor space after finishing works and resin application.


Visualization of work progress in prototype manufacturing. Engineering, finishing, completion, casting with customer’s parts. Technology combination according to its usability.

Functional headlight

A fully functioning headlight model.


we understand rapid prototyping and we use 3D printing professionally since 2001
we transform data into tangible product (we can implement things which have only been a design concept)
we manufacture components in the smallest amount of time possible with the rapid prototyping technology
we master assembly procedures which don’t need molds
if the molding is necessary, we use rich experience and knowledge which we have with silicone molds and casting
surface treatment is done by hand by our specialists because they possess distinct know-how
we use engineering systems SolidWorks and CATIA
we process all input formats of data (stp, stl, CATpart etc.)

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