Metrology lab

We offer professional metrology services.

Our accredited metrology lab nr. 1722 in České Budějovice meets the requirements of ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 norm.

We specialize in:

3D CNC measuring based on drawings and 3D models
precise measuring of dimensions and geometric quantities
measuring of deviations in shape, orientation, placement and throwing
2D measuring with optical microscope
measuring of roughness
measuring of the product’s profile
other services like CT scanning and scanning with optics

We are equipped with top-class machinery!

Contura G2 1000 RDS 10/12/6

  • CNC measuring machine by Zeiss company
  • the scope of measuring XYZ: 1000 × 1200 × 600 mm
  • rotating head RDS
  • scanning touch sensor
  • operating system Calypso 5.8

Workshop microscope WM1-300 M3

  • scope of measuring XYZ: 300 × 200 × 200 mm
  • microscope capacity up to 20kg
  • integrated color camera
  • M3 software with touch screen

Roughness Meter Surfcom Flex 50 A

  • scope of measuring YZ: X = 50 mm, Z = 800 µm
  • integrated printer
  • data communication though USB

Profile meter (contour meter) Mitutoyo CV-2100

  • scope of measuring: L - 100 mm; Z - 350 mm
  • lift: 50 mm

Mitutoyo Compact Roundtest RA-1500

  • probing diameter x - 100 mm; vertical travel z - 150 mm
  • maximum workpiece weight: 10 kg


we respect know-how protection requirements
we have excellent technical facilities
we accept stp. form of input and we are able to convert the others
we pay attention to maximal environment stability
we offer the option of direct communication with our own measurement operators
with the cooperation with engineering we are able to offer complex solution to metrology problem
our measurement operators have years-long experience and study further
we adjust to our customers’ specific requirements and capacity demands

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We are here for you and we are looking forward to new challenges! If you have any questions, write right here or use our direct contacts

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